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Laser Repair Spectra Physics

Laser Support Services have been repairing ion lasers and Nd:YAG laser for over 20 years, even when the original manufacturer can no longer support their own lasers, we can provide a  cost-effective repair for the following Spectra Physics lasers:



Spectra Physics 161B             
Spectra Physics 161C
Spectra Physics 161-IPS
Spectra Physics 161-IPS-FBR
Spectra Physics 163
Spectra Physics 163-FBR
Spectra Physics 163-IPS
Spectra Physics 163-IPS-FBR
Spectra Physics 163D
Spectra Physics 177G
Spectra Physics 177G-FBR
Spectra Physics 185F
Spectra Physics 185-FBR


All replacement equipment is repaired to extremely high standards, and meets or exceeds the original manufacturers specifications. Lasers are aligned so as to offer drop-in replacement to the customer, which means an easy, fuss-free installation.

Simply contact us with your requirements.

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Protection 1000 to 2500nm
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Rotary stages motorised non vac
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