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Core of Knowledge Courses - Laser/IPL Safety Training

We can recommend courses run throughout the UK by Lasersafe which give advice and training on the safe use of lasers and intense pulse sources. Offering high value safety training covering legal and operational safety in the medical, dental and cosmetic sectors, these courses run on a scheduled basis, but can be tailored to be delivered on-site where numbers demand. The majority of the training is delivered this way which makes it wholly relevant to your situation and working methods.

For more details of courses coming near you, contact us or email quoting LSS as your source.
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Rotary stages motorised non vac
Rotary stages motorised non vac
- Simple, durable and low cost - 1" aperture for mo...
Protection 1000 to 2500nm
Protection 1000 to 2500nm
650-665 D LB1 960-1070 D LB5 VLT 20% Anti-scrat...
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