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ST-PSA18U-120 - Power Supply
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ST-PSA18U-120 - Power Supply

- For use with DC and stepper motor drives
- Output volts 12V
- Output current 1.5A
- Dimensions 98.5 x 55 x 31.5
- weight 200gms
- connector 2.1/5.5

Power supply EA1050D-24024 V; 2.08 A120 x 60 x 35 mm500 gconnector "2.1/5.5"

Power supply GS60A24-P1J24 V; 2.5 A125 x 50 x 31.5 mm310 gconnector "2.1/5.5"

Power supply PUP120-17-B136 V; 3.34 A167 x 65 x 37 mm640 gconnector "2.1/5.5"
Standa stepper motors and DC motor controllers require properly matched power supplies for operation.
Current requirements for stepper motor controller power supplies: During operation, current consumption will vary depending upon how the controller is being used. Before shipment, our controllers are calibrated to the rated current of the motors they are to be used with. If you do not specify a motor, the controllers will be calibrated to a factory default value. Due to Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) our controllers usually consume less current than the rated current of motors. However, to avoid problems during worst case scenarios, we recommend selecting a power supply with a max current not less than the rated current of motors that will be connected to the controller. In case of multi-axis controllers you will need to sum the current of all controllers connected to the power supply.
Requirements for stepper motor controllers power supply voltage: Our stepper motor controllers are a “chopper drive” type. This means that in the initial phase of the motor step our controller will apply significantly higher voltage to motor winding than will occur in other drive types. This method allows stepper motors to be driven with higher torque at higher speeds. It should also be noted that stepper motor parasitic resonant effect behavior (“bad” frequencies position, for example) depends on supply voltage. Minimal allowable DC voltage of our stepper motor controllers is 12V and maximum is 36V, both of which we keep in stock.
Vacuum compatible products with stepper motors require voltage 24V-36V. Recommended power supplies are GS60A24-P1J, EA1050D-240 and PUP120-17-B1.

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