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Controllers for MicroMini positioning equipment.


NA-MC-5B Manally Programmed Position Controller
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NA-MC-5B Manally Programmed Position Controller

The MC-5B is a quick-setup solution for any applications requiring precise position control of any servo motor stages of an amp or less.


  • Instant "Out-of-the-Box" Motion Control
  • A Low Cost, Integrated Motion Solution
  • No Need to Write Additional Motion Commands
  • Perfect for:
    • Rapid Development
    • Prototyping
    • Proof-of-Concept
    • Small OEM Lots Where Delivery is Critical
    • Lab Development


  • Control all nodes from any node on the motion network
  • Broadcast Single or Multiple Motion Commands to one or all nodes at the same time
  • Configure each unit as a node on the network with a unique node number
  • Original Settings are Retained
  • Up to 99 MC-5B controllers can be configured on a single motion system
  • Communicate to any node on the system through your PC's serial port

NA-MC-CQ Controller
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NA-MC-CQ Controller

The MC-CQ is a Single-Axis, or Multi-Axis Control System integrating a Motion Controller and an Amplifier with a user-friendly Serial Interface.

  • RoHS Compliant
  • CE Marked
  •  Integrated Controller and Amplifier
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to use RS-232 Serial Interface
  • Linkable to multiple Control Units
  • Single-Axis becomes Multi-Axis
  • Includes Software Application Development Interface
  • DC power input with Secure-Lock-on connection
  • Easy access fuse
  • Front access ON/OFF power switch
  • Controller provides Velocity and Position Mode closed-loop control w/programmable speed and acceleration and a rich Command-Set
  • Clean-and-Simple-Connectivity facilitates Rapid Development

NA-MC-CQ-4X Multi-Axis Controller
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NA-MC-CQ-4X Multi-Axis Controller

The RoHS compliant MC-CQ-4X Motion Control System is a PWM motor controller designed to drive NA-MM series motorized stages and other systems utilizing DC brush type motors with single ended quadrature AB encoders. The NA-MC-CQ-4X incorporates four MCDC-series motor controllers and provides connectivity and packaging suitable for ease of use and rapid deployment in desktop, bench top and industrial automation applications.


  • Unit includes both motion controller AND amplifier (no external amplifier required)

  • Programmable current limits

  • RS-232 connectivity (direct or via available multiport USB to serial converter)

  • RoHS compliant

  • Package includes:
    • Easy-to-use configuration software with radio buttons and drop down selections
    • RS232 null modem cable
    • Front panel On/Off switch, fuse, and power-on LED for each axis
    • Front panel accessible fuses for each axis
    • 19-Inch Rack-Mount Option available
    • Full support for NA's “Motion Console” 4-axis “out-of-the-box” motion control software
    • Low-profile design
    • Shielded country-specific power cord
    • 15v switching power supply
    • 3-foot extension ribbon cable (10-conductor) for attachment to NAI stages
    • Fuses: (2-each) .25 Amp, .5 Amp, 1 Amp, 2 Amp and 6 Amp
    • CD containing evaluation version of "IMS Motion Console" motion control software
    • CD including:
      • NA-MC-CQ-4X User Manual
      • Motion Manager Configuration Software
      • MCDC Motion Controller Instruction Manual 

The NA-MC-CQ-B integrates seamlessly with IMS Motion Console software, eliminating the need for software development in many applications incorporating one to four axes of motion so your system is up and running in minutes.  

NA-MC-4SA Servo Amplifier System
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NA-MC-4SA Servo Amplifier System

The MC-4SA is a multi-axis motor drive amplification system designed for use in systems where low power micro motors are required for a particular application.

All of the difficult interfacing problems have been taken out of the hands of the user. For example, setup is simple; connect one end of the 68 conductor cable to the controller and the other to the NA-MC-4SA; plug in your MicroMini™ stage and you are ready! No external power supply connections, no multi-wire motor connections.

The NA-MC-4SA also features a number of built-in protective devices and signal enhancement circuits such as:

  • Supply Rail Monitoring (SRM)
  • System status monitoring
  • Kickless Balanced Power Supply
  • Encoder conditioning
  • Reversible motor polarity

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