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Laser Support Services, the UK distributor of Avesta laser systems, offers the EFOA-SH fibre laser with 780 nm frequency-doubled output. The system offers power output at 1560 nm and 780 nm via switchable apertures.


Avesta EFOA-SH 780nm Fibre Laser
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Avesta EFOA-SH 780nm Fibre Laser

This system, based on the second harmonic of the Er-doped fiber laser, operates at 780nm and, in a number of applications, can replace the powerful yet less reliable solid-state Ti:Sapphire lasers. EFOA-SH is a perfect source for amplifier system seeding, due to its compact design and lack of expensive pump laser as in case of Ti:S solid-state seed.

Pulse width(fixed) <120 fs
Wavelength (fixed) 780±10 nm
Average output power >80 mW
Repetition rate (fixed) 70 MHz
Spectral width ~7.5 nm
Output power (1560 nm) >160 mW

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