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The CW single frequency Ti:Sapphire laser system from Standa offers TEM00 spatial mode output with 1.5 W output power when pumped with 10 W. The system is tunable between 700 and 950 nm.


ST-TIS-SF-077 Frequency-Stabilised CW Single-Frequency Ti:Sapphire Laser
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ST-TIS-SF-077 Frequency-Stabilised CW Single-Frequency Ti:Sapphire Laser

- CW single-frequency ring Ti:Sapphire laser
- 700 to 950nm
- 1.5 watts with 10 watts pump
- Linewidth <100Khz rms
- Scan rnge 5GHz
- Spatial mode TEM00
- Polarisation

With frequency stabilisation, model TIS-SF-077 opens up new horizons in super-fine wavelength-selective action on objects of investigation. The output linewidth of this laser does not exceed 100 kHz rms and may be further reduced (up to 20 kHz rms) upon a custom order. Laser TIS-SF-077 features exceptionally low generation line drift: less than 40 MHz/hour. This remarkably small figure is guaranteed by superb thermal isolation and stabilization of the reference interferometer and its special design. Frequency-stabilised Ti:Sapphire laser TIS-SF-077 includes two electronic control units, one of which ensures single-frequency operation of the laser, and the other controls the frequency stabilisation system. The frequency stabilisation system includes two electronic control rings (fast and slow), which guarantee reliable locking of the laser output frequency onto the reference interferometer and excellent noise immunity.

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