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Avesta offer the TiC series of Ti:Sapphire continuous wave output laser systems. The series is available with the options of fibre-coupled output and integrated pump source.


Avesta TiC CW Laser
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Avesta TiC CW Laser

The continuous-wave Ti:Sapphire TiC laser features a broad wavelength tuning range (700-1000 nm, typical tuning curves can be seen here), and finds applications in many fields of fundamental research, especially different spectroscopy applications.

Optional fiber-coupled modification is available (TiC-FF). The radiation is steered into a fiber with 4 um core diameter. The optical scheme allows easy switching between the free-space and the fiber outputs via a flip mount (see laser layout)


Wavelength tuning, nm 700-1000*
Average output power, mW 700*
Average output power at optional fiber output, mW 400*
Fiber type (optional) single-mode, FC-FC, 1 m, 4 um core
Linewidth, GHz < 45
< 20 (with 1 etalon)
< 2 (with 2 etalons)
Spatial mode TEMoo
Divergence, mrad < 2
Polarization horizontal
* - depends on pump laser power, the values are given for 5 W pump power.

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