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Laser Support Services offers a range of pulse compressors for dispersion compensation and microscopy applications. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on these products.


Avesta APC Prism Pulse Compressor
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Avesta APC Prism Pulse Compressor

Avesta’s APC pulse compressor is used to control the amount of dispersion of Ti:Sapphire femtosecond laser radiation (other wavelengths are available upon request). The ability to change the group velocity dispersion over this wide wavelength range allows pre-compression for dispersion introduced by additional optics, and the minimum pulse duration can be obtained at the irradiated sample.

  APC-800/7000   APC-800/13000
Wavelength range, nm


Introduced dispersion min-max, fs^2 (+7000) - (-7500)** (+1000) - (-13000)**
Additional internal beam path, m 2.3 2.8
Transmission >90% @ 800 nm
Input polarization, linear horizontal (vertical on request)
Maximum input beam diameter, mm 4
Dimensions, mm 410x324x186
* - other wavelength ranges are available upon request
** - other dispersion ranges are available upon request

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Avesta Compulse Gas Capillary Pulse Compressor
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Avesta Compulse Gas Capillary Pulse Compressor

Compulse compressors are employed for shortening femtosecond laser pulses. They are based on spectral broadening (chirping) of femtosecond laser pulses in a noble gas-filled capillary, with subsequent pulse compression by grating or prism compressor.

Up to 1:10 compression ratio
Energy efficiency 50%
Input pulse energy up to 1 mJ
800 and 1058 nm standard models

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