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Laser Support Services is pleased to offer a range of Faraday isolator and rotator devices from Avesta. Customer choice of active material and wavelength ensure the product is suited to your specific needs.


Avesta FR Faraday Isolators and Rotators
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Avesta FR Faraday Isolators and Rotators

We offer a variety of optical isolator models:

Highly transparent (HT) single-stage isolators. Isolation 38-44 dB, wavelength 400-1250 nm (fixed), clear aperture 3-15 mm. Transmission >90%.

Broadband isolators. Isolation >38 dB. Center wavelength - 800 nm (other designs are also available on request). Bandwidth - 150 nm (>30 dB). Clear aperture is 3-12 mm. HT and SE modifications are also available.

Tunable isolators. Peak isolation 38-42 dB. Central wavelength - 780 nm. Tuning range from 700 to 860 nm. Other wavelengths available upon request. Simple and convenient operation.

Single stage isolators with side exit (SE). Isolation 38-44 dB, wavelength from 400 to 1250 nm (fixed), bandwidth - 30 nm. Clear aperture 3-12 mm.

Double stage isolators. Isolation >60 dB. Wavelength is 600 - 1150 nm (fixed). Bandwidth - 30 nm. Clear aperture 3-12 mm.

For more information, please contact us on +44 1333 311938.

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