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Laser Repair Coherent

Contact Laser Support Services for your laser repair - we have been repairing ion lasers and Nd:YAG lasers for 25 years. Even when the original manufacturer can no longer support their own lasers, Laser Support Services can usually provide a  cost-effective laser repair for the following:

Coherent Innova 60
Coherent Innova 70
Coherent Innova 90
Coherent Innova 90C FreD
Coherent Innova 100
Coherent Innova 200
Coherent Innova 300
Coherent Innova 300 FreD
Coherent Avia
Coherent Compass
Coherent CR series
Coherent Enterprise
Coherent Medical
Cohernet Mira
Coherent Ring dye lasers
Coherent Sabre
Coherent Sabre FreD
Coherent Ice Heat exchangers


All replacement equipment is repaired to extremely high standards, and meets or exceeds the original manufacturers specifications. Lasers are aligned to offer a drop-in replacement to the customer, which means an easy, fuss-free installation.


Simply contact us with your requirements.

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Protection 600 to 1000nm
Protection 600 to 1000nm
681-<689 DIR LB5 689-782 D LB5 + IR LB7 >782-789 ...
Protection 1000 to 2500nm
Protection 1000 to 2500nm
650-665 D LB1 960-1070 D LB5 VLT 20% Anti-scrat...
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